Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2010

“The Cow/die Kuh”

Puppetry: Herlambang Bayu Aji.
Vocal and Musicians: Dorothea Ferber


It is a story about the adventure of Sarah, an arrogance but stupid cow. She lived in a farm that had a complete facility for her life. Green grass, clean, and pure water were always ready for her. She lived peacefully with her secured farm that was protected by an electrical fence around it. She felt happy, satisfied, and proud for her status. She thought that she was the highest class at that time.

Mbah Darmo, was the God of Wayang Rajakaya world. He tried to give her a warning for her bad attitude. The warning was sent by a big and heavy rain that became a disaster. Big flood swept away the farm and left a very messsy broken farm but let Sarah alive.

Nothing left from the disaster. No more green grass, clean and pure water and a warm safe farm. Therefore, Sarah started to find another place to live in. In her journey, she met various characters that she learnt a lot from them for the meaning of life and wisdom. As the time went by, she could understand what lesson she could get from her reflection in the past. She realized that in the past, the farmer who owned her, actually just doing an exploitation for her and didn’t give her a true freedom.

With a company of some friends, Sarah would do her best to find the best land to stay. What she searched later was a happy and dynamic life.

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