Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010

wayang rajakaya

This is my own style of Wayang(shadow puppets) called Wayang Rajakaya which the stories about animals and farm. I use The Gunungan to begin and to end my shadow puppet shows. I use it to illustrate any condition of the story. The pictures I took on the screen and lamp, so we can see the puppet and the shadow.

Wayang Rajakaya form and material developed from Javanese traditional shadow puppets. Which normally took 2 big Indian epos Mahabharata and Ramayana. Wayang Rajakaya it self have no connection story with them. I create by my self to respond society, social and global warming issues. Since 2005 I did 74 puppets of paper and bamboos, 40 puppets of leather and horn, and wrote 3 stories.

The process to make a shadow puppets of leather took long time. First I have to sketch on the paper, than move the sketch on the leather, curve and paint it. Before I curve the leather, I should do some steps to prepare the leather. I let the leather in a water for a night. Than stretch it till dry. The arms are connected with bond to the body, with this way we can move the puppets easily. When I done with my leather I will fix it with the horn.

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