Dienstag, 16. November 2010

performance "Shoperman"

this video art took in some supermarkets in Surakarta, Indonesian. at that moment the local government of Surakarta invited some investors to build six supermartket in Surakarta. Surakarta is a famous town of Javanese cultural town. for me, it is so strange, because we are not ready to have six different big supermarket, or the government and the investors want to change the people to be a Shoperman, who like to do shop three times in a day, does not matter that we have money or from debt.

the six supermarket is self took some social places such as football field, traditional markets, etc. do they think that we do not need football or playing field? perhaps, because in their supermarket designed for family who wants to have games with machines, video games, etc.

do we need it? after 5 years now, i think that the people do not really need it. we can see that some supermarkets bankrupt.

thank's to Tile, Topan, Aji Santosa,Kucing, Dira, etc.

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