Samstag, 4. Februar 2012


52 cm x 23 cm
Ink and Acryl colors on buffalo’s leather and horn

Let me introduce myself to you. I am a bull. Sabal is my name. I live in farm too. With my friend Salap we live in a special room of this farm. Yes, we are special for the farmer. Because, we are a pair of racing bulls. In the story of Wayang Rajakaya, we as racing bulls, get extra service from the farmer such as traditional Javanese energy drink. It is made from eggs, honey, milk and ginger. They give us massage, and special costumes for the racing day. Then, they like that we are beautiful yet strong. Nice combination! Nevertheless, we have to do our training every day. We should not work on the rice field like the other cows or bulls. In this farm, I've fallen in love with a beautiful female cow. Her name is Sarah…someday I would like to win her heart.  Do you know? I do not like to be something special. It is takes me far away from Sarah. And I knew that the farmer exploited us. They get our milk every day. They control our life. They rob us of our freedom, then they give us only grass and water. It is not fear! Then when we are fat enough, they will kill us… it is really not right! So, my dream is to take out Sarah from the farm(if she would like to) and live with her in the real world with freedom and love. We will see!

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