Samstag, 4. Februar 2012


48 cm x 24 cm
Ink and Acryl colors on buffalos' leather, horn and bamboo

This puppet is called “Ngik-Nguk“. In the stories of Wayang Rajakaya, the other puppets call him “Lik Gi”( in Javanese Lik means ungkle). He is a pig and lives in a farm. When he was young, he was very famous with the farmers in his region. Because the farmers believed that he was a good, big, and strong male pig. So, the farmers very often rented him to reproduce with their female pigs. After the farm created technology developed genetic manipulation, Lik Gi’s role decreased. However, he is proud about his past experiences. And now, he has many children, everywhere. He said unto them, “Children, I did not commit any prostitution crime. The human wanted it… And now the use of a pig is a bad symbol, but actually, they created … but what can I do against them? I choose to be quiet!” 

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