Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012


43 cm x 28 cm
Ink and Acryl colors on buffalo’s leather and horn

Hallo people! Let me introduce myself to all of you there. My name is Cemani. Cemani means black in Javanese. And why is my name Cemani? Yes, because I am black, in fact, I am a black chicken. I am proud to be a black chicken. In the Javanese culture, they put us in the special society of chicken. They believe that our soul can bring their pray to the nature and their god. So, very often they need us for their ceremony or prying. Even in the end of our life killed by human's hands, but we are killed not in butcher or market. We are killed in a ceremony. And Yu means sister in Javanese. In the story of “Animals Rebel” I have a role as a helper to execute Sabal’s plan to escape from the farm. All of chicken in the farm should produce eggs as many as possible to be used for oil machine of our airplane.                                                 

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