Montag, 19. März 2012

Reinterpretating of "The Little Prince" from Antonie De Saint-Exupéry in Shadow and Dance

"The Little Prince"
Shadow and Dance
A free reinterpretation from Antonie De Saint-Exupéry’s story

Wayang Rajakaya in collaboration with Motimaru Dance Company is creating a piece of Shadow and Dance inspired by "The Little Prince" from Antonie De Saint-Exupéry. This performance is a combination between shadow puppets of Herlambang Bayu Aji (Indonesian Artist) and dance of Motoya Kondo (Japanese dancer) and Tiziana Longo(Italian dancer). Supported technically by Camilla Kussl (German) the piece, still now in progress, will be 50-60 minutes. The original french story of the book jumps into the screen to became real fantasies by puppets and real bodies. These fantasies will embrace each other and disclose the truth in us. To remember again that the walls must be fallen and we need to travel again, see the stars, go back to our flower.
Dedicated to the children and every child in each of us.

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