Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

Our Performance on 27th of May in Tong Tong Fair 2013, The Hague, Netherland.  

A scene of "The Andventures of Cow", finally Sarah arrived in The Holly Meadow. there she meet Yu Segawon and Mr. Rhinocheros. 

Wayang Rajakaya's Workshop in Tong Tong Fair. I explained about my works , Wayang Rajakaya and how to make a shadowpuppet?

Our Workshop was full. The participants are in diffenrences ages. 

They was very antusiast, creative and work seriously. 

Wayang Rajakaya will present "The Adveture of Cow" with great musician Dorothea Ferber in Tong Tong Fair, in The Hague, Netherland on 27th of May at 17:30 and on 28th of May at 12:30.

Dorothea Ferber and me works together since 2006 for Wayang Rajakaya. her great music will companing the story.

We will happy to see you there. and in Tong Tong Fair you can find great Indonesian food and cultures.

More infos about Tong Tong Fair:

more infos about Dorothea Ferber:

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